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Learn SQL language from scratch, the easy way, is designed to give a detailed introduction to using and understanding structured query language (SQL) for manipulating business data. This is the first part of a 2 parts course which covers the following topics:

Database Basics
Retrieving Data
Filtering Data
Scalar Functions
Aggregate Functions
Joining Tables
Grouping Data

For the most part, the SQL learned in the course is applicable to all major databases. In the few cases in which there are differences between the databases, these differences will be pointed out.

There are 2 sample databases provided with this course. SQLMain is used throughout the demonstrations. The second one is a Microsoft developed sample database that you can have fun with after you finish the course.

I myself started learning on my own with no mentor and no place where to get the exact information that I needed.This is one of the reasons this course is structured in such a way that you can start writing SQL code in hours with ease.

I recommend taking one lecture once every 2 or 3 days. This way you will have time to get used with the terminology and also have time to practice what you learned on your own.

This course is not going to make you a SQL guru overnight. It takes practice and patience to get there.

Shortly after your purchase you will get an email with your account credentials. You can use them to log in to www.easywaysql.com and access the video tutorials.

You will be able to download the sample database and all future materials in this package.

Let’s get started and learn SQL language together. The easy way.


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